Monday, December 28, 2009

The Return of Mozq

Why hello there,
Some of you might think that I've quit making machinimas. But that's not true, I've just been a bit busy and ran out of ideas of what to make next. Well I will most likely be submitting a movie for the Blizzard contest. Not sure if any of you remember the old project I was working on called "Mark of Blood" that I never finished since my computer crashed and I lost the project..

Anyway, I'm going to take some of the ideas from there, the main character will be a lot like the one I'm going to use for this project, an old dude that was once a super bad ass with a nasty sword! But, lives to regret with the choices he made for the rest of his life.

I've been looking for ways to improve the visual effects and also been playing around with rendering settings to get the best quality that I can get for a reasonable file size. So hopefully the projects I release from now on will have twice the better looking colors and visual effects, and more detailed work.

Irdeen has also asked if he can help me and create the music for this project, and I without a doubt said yes. He's great at what he does, so why not. Now I'm just trying to get the voice actor I want and also the script writer that will help me write an awesome script for 3 minutes of video.

Anyways I'm glad to be back and thanks for reading :)

Silverlined Productions

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Greetings Everyone!

It's been awhile since we did an update so I decided it was time we had one.  Right now it's 11 at night where I live and I'm currently working on my video for Blizzard's machinima contest sponsored by Alienware.  Wewt.  So yes, I'm competing in the competition.  However, Mozq most likely wont.  Could change his mind though.

The contest itself is pretty simple.  Choose a World of Warcraft lore Hero or Villain then make a video about his/her rise or fall.  You could even do a video about your own character.  But who's actually gonna do that?  WoW is packed with more epic heroes and villains then you can shake a murloc eye at.  So did I choose Nixxiom?  Nope.  Instead I chose someone I think hasn't had very much spotlight and was branded a push over in Wrath of the Lich King.  Can't say who, but it's not Arthas.  Everyone and their grandma will make a video about Arthas after all.

So currently I'm working on my video for the Blizzard machinima contest while Mozq works on a guild video for the guild he's in.  My own personal plans for the future are to start making Machinima Tutorials after I release my Blizzard contest video.  There's a lot of new things I'm putting into the video after all that I'm sure a lot of new machinima guys would love to learn to do.  So I aim to please.

Also, if you haven't, please sign up at our forum at:

On our forum me and Mozq both will be posting other tutorials that wont be shown in a video.  So keep your eyes open there for more information you could learn from us.  Other then that I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Oh, and as for Revenge (Act 2):
-You can get all the info you could ever dream of about the upcoming movie at:


Sunday, November 29, 2009


So, this is the first time I post in quiet a while so just going to update you a bit of what I've been doing.

Some of you might know already that we've put up a forum, where we will have tutorials, tips and tricks and discussions about WoW and machinima. If you're interested register at

Other than that, I might be getting a job soon, so I might not have that much time like I used to for video editing. But it's not like I'm just going to stop making movies, I'll never do that. But right now I'm in need of money, so production will go slow for a while I'm afraid. Anyways, head out to the forum and visit us there! :)

Silverlined Productions

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Revenge (Act 2) Teaser!


It's official!  Revenge (Act 2) is on its way!

Need I say more?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update on RPG

Recently I've put working on RPG into high gear.  I finished quite a bit of it yesterday and I plan to finish just as much, if not more of it today.  The video still doesn't have a ETA due to school still looming over my shoulder but I figured I should give an update to say that it's coming and it's looking good.



Yes, I spoiled a line in the video.  But that's okay.  ;3

Look forward to more updates from me in the near future.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hope You All Had a GREAT Hallows End!

Personally I sat in the Brill Town Hall and listened to the Headless Horseman outside.  It was pretty fun actually.  I hope you all had an equally as fun Hallows End/Halloween this year as well!  Now then, updates.  Currently Silverlined Productions is moving forward at a good pace.  At the moment I (Nixxiom) am working on:

1) E-Rage
2) Remnant of Shadows Guild Advertisement
3) RPG

As for Mozq I really don't know what he's up to exactly.  I'm sure he'll post an update of his current project soon though.  E-Rage is only a minute long video based off a true story of mine so it should be done fairly quick but I've personally been busy leveling my DK Nixxiom on Wyrmrest Accord.  Level 75 and two bars from 76 right now.  I've also been busy running my guild called the Remnant of Shadows so that takes up a TON of time for me daily.  Plus there's school so I guess you could say I'm in a pickle.

Nonetheless, I'll be working still to release my videos.  I hope you all enjoy them when they come out!

Also, a Silverlined Halloween got featured on:,, and  So +3 to me.  ^-^

May all your hits be crits!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Is On The Way!

With Halloween on its merry way you can be assured that Silverlined Productions will indeed will be releasing a Halloween related video for the Holiday.  Keep your eyes open for it.  It could be released Halloween day, or sooner.  All depends when it's finished.


Monday, September 21, 2009


Since I havn't made post in a while, I figured I'd just update you guys on how the project is coming. Well I've been working with it all day and right now it's about a minute long or so.
Going to be spending most of the week on the project, to speed things up a bit.

I'll keep you updated with screenshots!

Silverlined Productions

Friday, September 11, 2009

Two New Screenshots from RPG



Production goes well my friends.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update on RPG

Hey guys! As you know from 2 or so posts ago I'm currently working on a project called "RPG," and I gotta say that it's coming together nicely. Only thing I'm waiting on is the lines for Nixx and bam! I have everything I need and production will increase even faster (depending on school). In my ROTC program I'm being tasked with a lot of videos I have to do for school so keep in mind that that's why RPG may take a little while to do. But trust me. It's coming.

While I wait for Nixx's lines though I've been working on the scenes that don't require his voice at all. Such as the intro, some fight stuff, ect. Now since Mozq decided to post two preview shots from his video I decided to do the same.



Now that I've actually gotten into the editing of the video I can say that overall the video itself is going to be a lot longer then what I initially expected. I'm estimating this may end up being a 6-8 minute long video or so. Can't tell just yet though.

In the next few weeks I'll make another update about the project but in the mean time I have to work on a few videos for school.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another screenshot (couldn't resist >_<)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coming Soon

Started working on another music video, it won't have any of the LVL80ETC in it this time though. Got some new cool effects that I love personally, plus will be using sound FX this time to give more pleasure to the ears :) So look forward to it! I have a feeling it's going to look better than "ESC4PE".

When is it going to be out?
No idea yet, in a month or so maybe.

What song will you be using?
You'll see once you watch it :)

What happend to the "big project" ?
Well I was planning to do a movie about Gilneas, containg some stuff about Azshara and a side story about two brothers(sons of the king of Gilneas) and their sister. But since Blizzard release their new expansion trailer that pretty much had everything we planned to write about that won't be happening. Instead I will be making a movie about my guild in the future, not any time soon though.

Any previews or screenshots?
Well, here's a screenshot.

Stay tuned for more!

Silverlined Productions

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



While Mozq plans and starts working on his video I've started planning and creating some stuff of my own. Originally I was going to release "Ruined Moments" first but I've decided that instead I'll be releasing a series I've been planning for the past couple days now called "RPG." Role Playing Game. So far I've already got half the script done and have gotten the recordings up to the point I've gotten to. Tomorrow I plan to begin filming and putting the video together.

RPG is basically exactly what it sounds. A RPG. You'll be able to witness firsthand some of the crazy situations most RPG players encounter during a game. If you've never played a tabletop RPG though then I feel sorry for you. So much fun.

The characters for the video are:
-Nixxiom (The Game Master)
-Abinoss (plays as Mok'Zin the troll priest)
-Calathor (plays as Zikk the undead mage)
-Remius (plays as Godrik the orc warrior)

RPG has no estimated arrival date yet since I'm starting the filming tomorrow but I assure you that I wont dissappoint. RPG is a serious project that I'll be putting a lot of my time into since it will be my first video for I'm estimating it to be around 5-8 minutes long in length. Keep your eyes open for updates.

Also, once RPG is finished you can expect the first part of Ruined Moments to be out if that tweaked your interest. I just want to get the larger project out of the way first. ;)

Silverlined Productions

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Project

So I was on skype the other day playing some games with some friends, such as Warcraft 3 TFT which is an awesome game, BUT that's not the point. I started having this conversation with a good friend of mine that I'm about to make a movie about the warcraft lore, using World Of Warcraft. He got interested and we started talking, he knew a lot more than I did about the lore so I decided to let him help me write the script. I had about 20 words written in the concept. Now I got quite a lot of material to work with thanks to him.

He will be writing the whole script with me, we have a bunch of ideas already. So hopefully we can fill this out to be atleast one hour of action and drama.

Four characters have been made so far, but there's a bunch more coming. And I still need all the voice actors I can get! If you're interested and have experience in voice acting, don't be afraid to send me an email!

And please include a sample in the mail.

So now you might be wondering, what will the movie be about?
Well.. Right now I can atleast tell you that I'm aiming for a one hour long(hopefully) action/drama machinima. I'll give you one word as a hint "Gilneas".
Movie name havn't been decided yet.

Hoping to have a trailer up on warcraftmovies soon!

Stay tuned for more :)

Silverlined Productions

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog Update!

Extreme Blog Makeover

Since we havn't updated the buttons or blog in awhile I decided to do a total makeover. As you can see I added some new buttons for our old and new machinimas and also change the template. Took me a couple of hours, but I think it was worth the trouble, pretty happy with the outcome!

Silverlined Productions

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!

So I'm finally back, ready to start working again. I did however lose all my other projects, so I'm afraid Mark of Blood will never be released. But whatever, never liked that project anyway.
Already got my mind set on something else, it's going to be a large project. I'll keep you updated once I start working on it.
It's probably going to be a lot of work, but I think I'm ready for something bigger(hopefully).

I've been trying to learn how to compose my own music lately and I do have plans on taking a 3D animation course nearby where I live. But that probably won't be till next year. I think I can start composing my own music soon though, it didn't seem that hard.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. My computer crashed right? So I upgraded it a bit :)

4 Gigs of RAM(3,5 to be exact since I use windows 32bit)
GeForce GTX285
A new 1000w PCU
A new 20" monitor

congrats to Nixxiom who recently got the offer to work with!

Silverlined Productions

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Ideas But We Need Your Help!

For those that don't know I've been busy RLwise with the guys over at Spoonbank building sets and other things for a movie they are producing and I will have the pleasure of helping edit together. However, I cannot say what the movie will be about until it is near completion. Then I'll be sure to let you all know what we've been working on for the past few weeks.

Other then that things are going awesome/ok at SP. Everyone is Crap was reviewed on's weekly video review and placed on the front page of I even got quite a few messages from various people telling me how amazing the video and the song was. Needless to say, I'm very proud of the video. I really didn't expect it to get so much attention honestly. On the other hand though Mozq is still struggling a bit with his computer. I haven't talked to him in a few days so I really can't give an update on his condition. x_x

However, now I'm in a bit of a pickle. I'm planning a series called "Ruined Moments" but I need a lot of quick 20 second or less clip ideas. So help me out here guys. If you have a funny and short idea leave a comment. Hell, if it's really awesome I will personally make your character the star of that clip. Who ever said every single one had to include me and Mozq?

Leave a comment or send a message to: if you have any quick ideas you want to share.

Here's a poster for what I'm planning:


Look forward to the first episode in the near future!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Everyone is Crap (New Video)

One day I was looking across the field and I thought "you know... Everyone is crap." I then typed the words in on youtube and found this song and decided I had to make a music video of it. Just like Spoonbank's video, my video is meant to be completely random. Big props to Spoonbank for making such an epic song about everyone... Being crap.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad news

Hello everyone,
yesterday my computer crashed and gave the the "bluescreen" finger.

I managed to fix it, but the problem is that I had to fully reinstall windows, so I lost a lot of stuff.
So it's going to take awhile to reinstall everything and get the tools that I need. But don't worry,
working to solve this problem right now! It'll be a day or two before I can start working again.

Silverlined Productions

Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates from Mozq

So I've decided not participate in this years Blizzcon contest, I do have some stuff recorded
and the voice actors for it. But the project itself is not near as good for a winner spot. I guess I needed more time and drive also. Already got some things going on at the moment, so I'm going to pass on Blizzcon this year and be more prepared next year. I wish all my friends participating this year good luck though! I've seen some awesome stuff already :)

I got a project in mind but it's going to take awhile to prepare some stuff, I'm going to experiment with Gmod a little and perhaps some other games. I won't spoil too much. But It's going to be a really silly comedy about a few people who fails at robbing a bank. Aslong as I find some stuff I can use I think I can pull this off, really new to the whole Gmod thing and I'm not quite sure if I should use Warcraft models or HL2 models, or perhaps both?

Oh yes, I've also been thinking about putting my own private team togheter! Like a small team
that could help me create my videos and share ideas/opinions. If you're interested you can contact me at

What I'm looking for:
3D artist (Both animation and modeling.)
GFX Artist (Photoshop, Paintshop pro you name it.)
Music/Sound Developer (Mainly background music, also could have use for sound effects.)
Voice actors (Just what it sounds like.)

PS. Most my videos will now also be posted on and their youtube, as I accepted their offer to work with them. I'll give some more info about that later on, havn't really had the time to think it all through yet.

Anyway, stay tuned for more!

-Silverlined Productions

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update 7/14

To start off things have been running pretty smoothly here at the Silverlined HQ except for a few bumps in the road. Yesterday I released "Two Fellas" after a couple hours of work and have already started on another Short Short I plan to release called "Story Time." I may actually make multiple Story Time episodes with just random stuff I find around the internet.
Currently Mozq is working on his video for Blizzcon while starting up a few side projects as well. This is actually where the bumpy road is for me. Blizzcon is only a handful of days away and I still don't have all the stuff I need to put the video together. I'm running out of time but I still can't get started on the video yet. Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to finish the video on time but there are no promises. If I can't, oh well. I'll just enter Blizzcon next year. By then I'll be an expert with AE and be able to blow peoples minds away. ;)

So it's not all bad honestly. *Shrug.*

Also, I've been personally helping the guys from Golden Arms Productions in editing their first machinima videos. By helping I mean showing off in AE by making images like so:


So you can say I've been pretty busy with that. They make Halo machinima though so if that's something your interested in then go check them out once they release their first video. I'll be sure to give them a shout out since I'm nice like that.

In the mean time I've been leveling my warlock Nixxious on Smolderthorn (US). If you ever find the time come by and say "Hi." :P

Really nothing more to say honestly. Just look forward to future machinima from us. x_x


Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 Subscribers

We now have over 100 subscribers so I want to thank you all for watching our videos.
So now the new goal is, let's say... 500 subscribers? :)

Inside news:
Nixxiom have started working on the special video he promised. Also doing pretty well with Revenge it seems. For the Blizzcon idea, I read through his scripts and watched the screenshots and it's looking very promising. He also managed to install After Effects again.

And I also got an idea for blizzcon now! I'm not sure if it'll be accepted though, the language is pretty strong in the video and yes it's a comedy :) I don't want to give to much info of what I'm
making. I can just say that most of the stuff is recorded ingame for this project.

Anyway a big thanks to all the subscribers and people watching ze videos!

-Silverlined Productions

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-BC World of Warcraft

I know I've ranted on this before in the past, but it must be said again since it's on my mind and because of the fact that Blizzard banned me (and a bunch of other people who supported the Pre-BC servers idea) on their forums. To this I just shrug and shake my head in dissappointment. Was I cursing at people? Nope. Was I freaking out over what I wanted? Nope. Was I just giving my 2 cents on the idea? Yes.

Kinda is odd to be banned but still wanting to support Blizzard with machinima. Oh well. My passion for video production can't be bought out that easy.

Back on topic:

-Simply put in my opinion Pre-BC was WoW in it's prime. I sometimes find myself pacing back and forth down my hall while remembering all the good times from those days. I remember the massive Tarren Mill vs. Southshore battles that used to take place, the battles for Blackrock Mountain, the friendly community, the feeling of being inside a living breathing world. Ugh! If you weren't there then I feel sorry for you. It was incredible, to say the least.
I guess you can say I miss World PvP (aka REAL PvP in my opinion) the most. Why do they call it 'World of Warcraft' when there is no "Warcraft"? Sure there are arenas and BGs but those get repetative and boring. In world PvP, anything can happen!
I remember while me and a large group of horde guys were fighting the alliance at soutshore this MASSIVE group of alliance guys ran up behind us and totally flanked us. We weren't prepared for it at all! We were however able to take a lot of them with us before we all got killed. You think arenas are fun? You've seen nothing.

I could go on about how back then epic items felt and were EPIC, how the community was tighter, and how the world felt so alive but this would turn into a book. In a nutshell if you feel the same way as me and Mozq do about Pre-BC, sign this petition:

818 signatures so far and massive amounts of Pre-BC threads are being made on the retail forums. Maybe someday Blizzard will get the message. Honestly if Blizz does bring in Pre-BC servers I wont be quiting WoW to go to ToR. :P A man can dream.

ALSO! If you scroll down a bit you'll see a picture called "" If you want to discuss Pre-BC stuff. There's your cup of tea. :3


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Fellas

Click the picture below.


Friday, July 3, 2009



Blizzard has released their rules for their machinima contest at Blizzcon. I know for a fact that hundreds of machinima directors around the world will be putting all their skill into making a film for Blizzcon to win the title of "Grand Champion." You can expect the same from Silverlined Productions!

At the moment I (Nixxiom) am working on a video for Blizzcon that I think will do quite well honestly. It's still in its rough stages of planning but I'm liking how everything is turning out. If anyone can do a Tauren voice by the way that'd be nice. I'd get to throw in a part just for you! I would tell my idea but there are some out there that would mooch off it. So your all just gonna have to wait for me to release it by the end of July.

This is the only screenshot I can provide as to what I've done so far:

As you can see, I finally got After Effects working again which I litterally jumped for joy for. I will be continuing to make Revenge (Act 2) but it has been put on hold for my Blizzcon video. Trust me. When it comes to a contest I wont mess around. Not after what happened at the Dell XPS contest. But lets not talk about that. :)

I'll keep you guys updated once Mozq gets his own idea and gets to work.

Silverlined Productions

Monday, June 29, 2009


We're currently working on a website, figured we'd have use for one now!

It's an early beta stage, got some gfx work to do and some adjustments, but hopefully we will have it running soon enough :)

Thanks to SfxWorks for making the website.

Here's a flash preview of it:


So I just finished working on ESC4PE, I kind of liked the outcome, but the category isn't really my thing I guess. It was pretty 0kay to edit, but got pretty boring after awhile, there are also tons of these videos out there already. Oh well, I said I would give a music video a try and I did, glad I finished it.

Hope you all enjoy it!

Watch more videos of WoW

-Silverlined Productions

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update 6/28

So I'm sure your all wondering what's been going on for the past few weeks here at Silverlined Productions. Well first of all Mozq is nearing completion of his video ESC4PE music video and should be done with it in the next couple days. On the other hand I'm currently working on Revenge (Act 2) again and it's looking great so far.


Things have been kind of weird on my part regarding the Revenge series but I finally have things on course. As you know I went from Revenge to Act 2, to Aftermath, and now back to Act 2. Now however I finally have things right where I want them and things are falling into place smoothly.


I'm personally in need of a few voice actors especially one that can do a voice for the Lich King. Any other kind of voice actor will do though. I need quite a few. If you've got a good mic and want to try out send me an email at: and I'll reply as fast as possible.

Keep your eyes open for ESC4PE and Revenge (Act 2) in the near future. Talk to you all soon!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Update 6/8

Yesterday was my Birthday first of all so a big "DING" to me! But that's not what you all have come to hear about. You've sat patiently and waiting for the next Silverlined Productions update. Well it's here:


That's right guys. Me and Mozq are hiring for Silverlined Productions for some of our future projects. At the moment we are looking for:

-A composer/Sound Mixer
-Video Editors
-Voice Actors
-3D modelers

If interested please leave a comment or send an email to:

Me and Mozq have both finished school and it's time to buckle down on our machinima production. Keep your eyes open for any future updates! They will be here soon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update 5/19

Hey guys. I haven't updated the blog recently cause I've been so busy with so much crap regarding school. Episode 1 of my Nixxiom series is going spectacular! The first Act is almost done and then I can start doing the final planning/editing for the rest. There is still no due date for this video, but I assure you I will have it done asap.

Now I know what your thinking... "He has released tons of trailers and stuff but never releases the actual thingy."

To this I say: Don't worry. When it comes to making a video all about Nixxiom and the story I've created around him I wont disappoint or make it look cheesy. Also keep in mind this is my first video using After Effects so I'm still learning a lot of sweet effects as I go along with the project.

Besides that I've been busy with some other things regarding school. My instructor for my JROTC program has hired me to create a video documenting the program and its accomplishments from 2008-09. I haven't worked on it much but I'm nearing the one minute mark. I expect it to only be about 5 minutes long and it's mostly a slideshow with some cool effects here and there.

Will I upload this video to youtube?
-Most likely, no. The video is intended for the program alone and if I do release it onto the web I'll most likely do it on another youtube account.


There are some other projects I'm working on right now but I'm mainly focused with school at the moment. It's getting pretty tough in one of my classes and I HAVE to pass it at all costs. I've calculated that if I do pass it will be on the skin of my teeth! I may even have to beg my teacher to pass me. Oh well. :/

Mozq is still working on his music video and should be finishing in the coming weeks I suppose. Also, Silverlined Productions has hit 50 subscribers on youtube. A big pat on the back for all that made it possible.

I tell you this... When SP hits 100+ subsrcribers I will be releasing a special video celebrating. The more subscribers the better. Support us! :)

That's all I have to say for now. Signing off.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nixxiom Series

I've begun production on the first episode of the Nixxiom series I've been planning for awhile now. Here are two screen shots from the video so far. The first one is from a custom logo I made for Silverlined Productions:




Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun New Forum

If your interested in machinima and want to chat with either me or Mozq, X-cross, or some other machinima makers you can find us on a new forum X-Cross has created. Located here:

The forum includes machinima guides, a friendly community of machinima based people, and it's even a place to show your latest work. Come join! I'll see you guys there!


Thursday, April 30, 2009


Been brainstorming some ideas for awhile now. I've come up with quite a few, but this a preview from one:



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu

Unless you've been under a rock, a virus called the Swine Flu has broken out across our once peaceful lands. According to my Science teacher, the swine flu is like... a combination of some pig virus and the bird flu. Apparently a pig and a pigeon had butt sex and made this abomination that is spreading.

Currently I'm sitting here with flu like symptoms. Is it Swine Flu? No idea. Either way I can't miss anymore school so I guess I gotta go spread it tomorrow if I do. Watch out. It could happen to you. Don't worry though. I'll keep making machinima. You all honestly think a pig and pigeon butt sex disease could kill me!? THE Nixxiom!? Bah I say! I will die with honor on the battlefield one day!



Friday, April 24, 2009

CC Particle World I have to say, I love it!
This will be the last screenshot for this project, instead next time you see an updated from me, it will be the full version of this machinima.

Silverlined Productions

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just another screenshot :)

Here's another screenshot from me, imagine a lot of camera movements and flashy things :)

Silverlined Productions

Nixxiom on Adobe After Effects

Mozq has already posted a screenshot of some of his work, so I figured I should post one as well. This is just a screenshot from a little sample clip I've been working on today. It's nothing big, but it shows that we both are starting to understand and master these effects step by step. I must give a shout out to X-Cross Productions though. Without him I'd still be trying to figure all this stuff out and trying to find certain effects. So a big thank you to him. ;)


The big bright ball of Awesome will keel you all!


Monday, April 20, 2009


So I spent the night learning about After Effects, tired as hell right now lol and I still have to go to this work thingie in a few minutes. But anyway, I made some scenes for a music video(This video will be much of a test video I guess). But I have to say, the outcome is looking pretty good, a lot better than Vegas for sure. And it was a lot fun editing it!

Here's a taste of it :)

Silverlined Productions

Back on World of Warcraft

A while back I made a post about how I had quit WoW. However, I wanted to try out Ulduar and the new content so I came back. Currently I've been raiding to get new gear and I've already been in Ulduar 10-man. I gotta say, it's much harder and a much larger scale then Naxx (praise God lol). Also, I've been leveling up my rep with this Argent Tournament thingy. :P

If you ever want to say "hi" or have any questions regarding machinima production you can find me as Zikknior, on the server (US) Smolderthorn. See you guys at Ulduar! ;)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes, we're still here :) You might be wondering why we havn't released something in quite awhile.
Well that's because both me and Nixxiom are at the moment trying to figure out After Effects!

Been comparing AE videos with Vegas videos and I thought that it's well worth to jump over to After Effects. So we're currently watching through tutorials and asking a few friends for help. So our movies should look a lot better in the future! So stay tuned everyone!

Thanks for reading.

Silverlined Productions

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Happy birthday to me!

Indeed today is my birthday, going to spend the night with some poker, j├Ągermeister, Coos Light, carlsberg and a few fellow friends and a 42" tv :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Decided to make a video just for you all for Easter. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two. It's a parody from Metalocalypse called "Shopping with Nixxiom."

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

X-Cross Productions Newest Video

For those of you that don't know, X-cross Productions has released their newest video called "Breaking." I highly recommend you check it out. The song is awesome and the effects are top notch. Five stars all the way. Although, I was thinking I would get a special thanks in the credits lol. :P

Watch more videos of WoW



Friday, April 10, 2009

Me In June

This is a new little toy I'll be playing with in June. ;)



Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Have Officially Quit WoW

I wont explain why here, you can just read the forum post I made on the WoW forums:

Was a good run, but the game has just been completely ruined. I'll miss playing WoW, but I'll still be making machinima. :)


Set for Blizzcon

Why hello there chaps!

As most of you know, Blizzcon is coming up and we're very excited about it! Both of us will submit a movie of our own. Without a doubt there will be many experienced machinima makers submitting their movies aswell, but hopefully we'll have a chance on winning. Would be fun if we did for sure, if not then thats okay, we will still get people to view our work.

So, what I really wanted to tell you is that I've decided about the plot of what I am going to submit. I'm afraid I can't tell you what it will be about just yet, I'm still working on the whole idea but I got it most planned out :)

Till we meet again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LF voice actor

As the title says, I'm in need of another voice actor, what I want him to sound like is like an older human paladin(Screenshot of the character above). You can send your samples to or add me on msn and we'll talk about it more there.


Urgent Notice!

"Ever since the incident at Icecrown all has gone to hell... We've been picking up the dead since morning and there is still many more to be found amongst the ice. Dreadful sight it is... To see so many lost in a single day..."




Ever since Icecrown was attacked by Nixxiom and his army of undead the entire world has been thrown into disarray. By unknown means Nixxiom was able to retreat from Icecrown after his fight with the Lich King to avoid the chaos he had unleashed. It is still unknown what happened between the two atop Icecrown Citedal. On thing is for sure though... Nixxiom is nowhere to be found. Reports say he has dawned a new wardrobe to avoid capture by the Scourge. All are asked to keep a sharp eye for the Death Knight. He is wanted dead or alive with a reward for capture set at ten thousand gold.

His previous look:

New look:

Our troops are already being sent into the nearby mountains to scout for the traitor. He will be found soon and brought to justice for the people he killed! I promise you!

Be faithful and the light guide us through this darknening time.

-Varian Wrynn-
King of Stormwind

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thanks to X-cross Productions, me and Mozq have both had our eyes directed towards the big league. You all may know it as Blizzcon. ;)

We've both reviewed the rules on the site and we have decided we will both be submitting videos to the machinima contest at Blizzcon this year. Blizzcon will be held in August so we have lots of time to plan out what we want to do.

My plan is to enter the Drama or Action category while Mozq enters the Comedy.

Wish us luck and I promise we wont dissappoint. ;)


Little Update on Aftermath (aka the sequel to Revenge):

I'm now working with not only Matt Greenburg (aka Thrall from Tales of the Past 3) but also Bryan Cox. You can find Bryan's profile at:

After hearing a sample from both actors I must say that I'm very impressed and I'm going to ensure this project is done as perfect as possible. I may also put my own voice into the mix but lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

The Contest:

Okay so appearantly I perked an ear or two when I said "contest" and "becoming a member of Silverlined Productions." I'll reveal a bit more now.

The contest will be about getting some new ideas onto the screen. That's all I'm going to say.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've been suffering from a huge amount of writers block for the past few weeks but I'm finally back in business! I'm starting on the sequel to Revenge and it looks really amazing so far. See for yourself:


When Mozq showed me what he had done so far in Mark of Blood I immediately got inspired to get back to work because of how well he had done so far. So you all can plan to see a few videos released by me in the near future!



For the sequel to Revenge I will need voice actors. Nixxiom is being voiced by Matt Greenburg himself and I'm really excited about that. However, I will need a voice actor for a male dwarf, a male human, and another male human. If your interested send me a message on MSN. My MSN is:


A Contest!?

Me and Mozq are currently planning out a contest that anyone is welcome to participate in. It could even end up getting you a position on the Silverlined Productions team. ;)

More details will be revealed soon.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Front Page!


For our efforts to advertise the creation of Pre BC servers in our videos and to spread the word about the site, Level60Love has placed us on the front page of their website for all to see! Please, if you support Pre BC go register and sign the petition. Every signature counts guys!

-The Silverlined Team-

What do I do when I get bored?

Simple. I work with video effects and lighting:




You can make them full size by clicking on the picture.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre BC! Lets Bring It Back!

Remember back when raids were challenging and fun? When gear actually meant something? When world PvP shook the ground you walked on? Well me and Mozq sure as hell do! Help bring back Pre BC World of Warcraft by becoming a member at:

Also, on the WoW forums make your signature:


Help us with our fight for level 60!

Spread the word and lets bring back Pre BC! We wouldn't be the first MMO to do it after all. Dark Age of Camelot made their own classic servers and so can we! Please support and I'll see you guys in Molten Core in the future ;)


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mark of Blood in the process

So I've decided for a name for the project. Still waiting for the voice samples from all the actors. But most of them said they're up for it though so that's great I suppose.

It should be finished sometime soon!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Restless night

So as some of you might know, I'm trying to make some sort of comedy show, with episode. But it's a lot more work than I expected it would be. I'm not giving up on it, but it won't be done any time soon.

Oh yeah, I'm working on a small project started half an hour ago or so. It will be a mini action/drama movie. So stay tuned!