Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update 6/28

So I'm sure your all wondering what's been going on for the past few weeks here at Silverlined Productions. Well first of all Mozq is nearing completion of his video ESC4PE music video and should be done with it in the next couple days. On the other hand I'm currently working on Revenge (Act 2) again and it's looking great so far.


Things have been kind of weird on my part regarding the Revenge series but I finally have things on course. As you know I went from Revenge to Act 2, to Aftermath, and now back to Act 2. Now however I finally have things right where I want them and things are falling into place smoothly.


I'm personally in need of a few voice actors especially one that can do a voice for the Lich King. Any other kind of voice actor will do though. I need quite a few. If you've got a good mic and want to try out send me an email at: and I'll reply as fast as possible.

Keep your eyes open for ESC4PE and Revenge (Act 2) in the near future. Talk to you all soon!


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