Monday, July 27, 2009

Bad news

Hello everyone,
yesterday my computer crashed and gave the the "bluescreen" finger.

I managed to fix it, but the problem is that I had to fully reinstall windows, so I lost a lot of stuff.
So it's going to take awhile to reinstall everything and get the tools that I need. But don't worry,
working to solve this problem right now! It'll be a day or two before I can start working again.

Silverlined Productions

Monday, July 20, 2009

Updates from Mozq

So I've decided not participate in this years Blizzcon contest, I do have some stuff recorded
and the voice actors for it. But the project itself is not near as good for a winner spot. I guess I needed more time and drive also. Already got some things going on at the moment, so I'm going to pass on Blizzcon this year and be more prepared next year. I wish all my friends participating this year good luck though! I've seen some awesome stuff already :)

I got a project in mind but it's going to take awhile to prepare some stuff, I'm going to experiment with Gmod a little and perhaps some other games. I won't spoil too much. But It's going to be a really silly comedy about a few people who fails at robbing a bank. Aslong as I find some stuff I can use I think I can pull this off, really new to the whole Gmod thing and I'm not quite sure if I should use Warcraft models or HL2 models, or perhaps both?

Oh yes, I've also been thinking about putting my own private team togheter! Like a small team
that could help me create my videos and share ideas/opinions. If you're interested you can contact me at

What I'm looking for:
3D artist (Both animation and modeling.)
GFX Artist (Photoshop, Paintshop pro you name it.)
Music/Sound Developer (Mainly background music, also could have use for sound effects.)
Voice actors (Just what it sounds like.)

PS. Most my videos will now also be posted on and their youtube, as I accepted their offer to work with them. I'll give some more info about that later on, havn't really had the time to think it all through yet.

Anyway, stay tuned for more!

-Silverlined Productions

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update 7/14

To start off things have been running pretty smoothly here at the Silverlined HQ except for a few bumps in the road. Yesterday I released "Two Fellas" after a couple hours of work and have already started on another Short Short I plan to release called "Story Time." I may actually make multiple Story Time episodes with just random stuff I find around the internet.
Currently Mozq is working on his video for Blizzcon while starting up a few side projects as well. This is actually where the bumpy road is for me. Blizzcon is only a handful of days away and I still don't have all the stuff I need to put the video together. I'm running out of time but I still can't get started on the video yet. Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to finish the video on time but there are no promises. If I can't, oh well. I'll just enter Blizzcon next year. By then I'll be an expert with AE and be able to blow peoples minds away. ;)

So it's not all bad honestly. *Shrug.*

Also, I've been personally helping the guys from Golden Arms Productions in editing their first machinima videos. By helping I mean showing off in AE by making images like so:


So you can say I've been pretty busy with that. They make Halo machinima though so if that's something your interested in then go check them out once they release their first video. I'll be sure to give them a shout out since I'm nice like that.

In the mean time I've been leveling my warlock Nixxious on Smolderthorn (US). If you ever find the time come by and say "Hi." :P

Really nothing more to say honestly. Just look forward to future machinima from us. x_x


Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 Subscribers

We now have over 100 subscribers so I want to thank you all for watching our videos.
So now the new goal is, let's say... 500 subscribers? :)

Inside news:
Nixxiom have started working on the special video he promised. Also doing pretty well with Revenge it seems. For the Blizzcon idea, I read through his scripts and watched the screenshots and it's looking very promising. He also managed to install After Effects again.

And I also got an idea for blizzcon now! I'm not sure if it'll be accepted though, the language is pretty strong in the video and yes it's a comedy :) I don't want to give to much info of what I'm
making. I can just say that most of the stuff is recorded ingame for this project.

Anyway a big thanks to all the subscribers and people watching ze videos!

-Silverlined Productions

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-BC World of Warcraft

I know I've ranted on this before in the past, but it must be said again since it's on my mind and because of the fact that Blizzard banned me (and a bunch of other people who supported the Pre-BC servers idea) on their forums. To this I just shrug and shake my head in dissappointment. Was I cursing at people? Nope. Was I freaking out over what I wanted? Nope. Was I just giving my 2 cents on the idea? Yes.

Kinda is odd to be banned but still wanting to support Blizzard with machinima. Oh well. My passion for video production can't be bought out that easy.

Back on topic:

-Simply put in my opinion Pre-BC was WoW in it's prime. I sometimes find myself pacing back and forth down my hall while remembering all the good times from those days. I remember the massive Tarren Mill vs. Southshore battles that used to take place, the battles for Blackrock Mountain, the friendly community, the feeling of being inside a living breathing world. Ugh! If you weren't there then I feel sorry for you. It was incredible, to say the least.
I guess you can say I miss World PvP (aka REAL PvP in my opinion) the most. Why do they call it 'World of Warcraft' when there is no "Warcraft"? Sure there are arenas and BGs but those get repetative and boring. In world PvP, anything can happen!
I remember while me and a large group of horde guys were fighting the alliance at soutshore this MASSIVE group of alliance guys ran up behind us and totally flanked us. We weren't prepared for it at all! We were however able to take a lot of them with us before we all got killed. You think arenas are fun? You've seen nothing.

I could go on about how back then epic items felt and were EPIC, how the community was tighter, and how the world felt so alive but this would turn into a book. In a nutshell if you feel the same way as me and Mozq do about Pre-BC, sign this petition:

818 signatures so far and massive amounts of Pre-BC threads are being made on the retail forums. Maybe someday Blizzard will get the message. Honestly if Blizz does bring in Pre-BC servers I wont be quiting WoW to go to ToR. :P A man can dream.

ALSO! If you scroll down a bit you'll see a picture called "" If you want to discuss Pre-BC stuff. There's your cup of tea. :3


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two Fellas

Click the picture below.


Friday, July 3, 2009



Blizzard has released their rules for their machinima contest at Blizzcon. I know for a fact that hundreds of machinima directors around the world will be putting all their skill into making a film for Blizzcon to win the title of "Grand Champion." You can expect the same from Silverlined Productions!

At the moment I (Nixxiom) am working on a video for Blizzcon that I think will do quite well honestly. It's still in its rough stages of planning but I'm liking how everything is turning out. If anyone can do a Tauren voice by the way that'd be nice. I'd get to throw in a part just for you! I would tell my idea but there are some out there that would mooch off it. So your all just gonna have to wait for me to release it by the end of July.

This is the only screenshot I can provide as to what I've done so far:

As you can see, I finally got After Effects working again which I litterally jumped for joy for. I will be continuing to make Revenge (Act 2) but it has been put on hold for my Blizzcon video. Trust me. When it comes to a contest I wont mess around. Not after what happened at the Dell XPS contest. But lets not talk about that. :)

I'll keep you guys updated once Mozq gets his own idea and gets to work.

Silverlined Productions