Thursday, July 9, 2009

100 Subscribers

We now have over 100 subscribers so I want to thank you all for watching our videos.
So now the new goal is, let's say... 500 subscribers? :)

Inside news:
Nixxiom have started working on the special video he promised. Also doing pretty well with Revenge it seems. For the Blizzcon idea, I read through his scripts and watched the screenshots and it's looking very promising. He also managed to install After Effects again.

And I also got an idea for blizzcon now! I'm not sure if it'll be accepted though, the language is pretty strong in the video and yes it's a comedy :) I don't want to give to much info of what I'm
making. I can just say that most of the stuff is recorded ingame for this project.

Anyway a big thanks to all the subscribers and people watching ze videos!

-Silverlined Productions

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