Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update 7/14

To start off things have been running pretty smoothly here at the Silverlined HQ except for a few bumps in the road. Yesterday I released "Two Fellas" after a couple hours of work and have already started on another Short Short I plan to release called "Story Time." I may actually make multiple Story Time episodes with just random stuff I find around the internet.
Currently Mozq is working on his video for Blizzcon while starting up a few side projects as well. This is actually where the bumpy road is for me. Blizzcon is only a handful of days away and I still don't have all the stuff I need to put the video together. I'm running out of time but I still can't get started on the video yet. Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to finish the video on time but there are no promises. If I can't, oh well. I'll just enter Blizzcon next year. By then I'll be an expert with AE and be able to blow peoples minds away. ;)

So it's not all bad honestly. *Shrug.*

Also, I've been personally helping the guys from Golden Arms Productions in editing their first machinima videos. By helping I mean showing off in AE by making images like so:


So you can say I've been pretty busy with that. They make Halo machinima though so if that's something your interested in then go check them out once they release their first video. I'll be sure to give them a shout out since I'm nice like that.

In the mean time I've been leveling my warlock Nixxious on Smolderthorn (US). If you ever find the time come by and say "Hi." :P

Really nothing more to say honestly. Just look forward to future machinima from us. x_x


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