Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-BC World of Warcraft

I know I've ranted on this before in the past, but it must be said again since it's on my mind and because of the fact that Blizzard banned me (and a bunch of other people who supported the Pre-BC servers idea) on their forums. To this I just shrug and shake my head in dissappointment. Was I cursing at people? Nope. Was I freaking out over what I wanted? Nope. Was I just giving my 2 cents on the idea? Yes.

Kinda is odd to be banned but still wanting to support Blizzard with machinima. Oh well. My passion for video production can't be bought out that easy.

Back on topic:

-Simply put in my opinion Pre-BC was WoW in it's prime. I sometimes find myself pacing back and forth down my hall while remembering all the good times from those days. I remember the massive Tarren Mill vs. Southshore battles that used to take place, the battles for Blackrock Mountain, the friendly community, the feeling of being inside a living breathing world. Ugh! If you weren't there then I feel sorry for you. It was incredible, to say the least.
I guess you can say I miss World PvP (aka REAL PvP in my opinion) the most. Why do they call it 'World of Warcraft' when there is no "Warcraft"? Sure there are arenas and BGs but those get repetative and boring. In world PvP, anything can happen!
I remember while me and a large group of horde guys were fighting the alliance at soutshore this MASSIVE group of alliance guys ran up behind us and totally flanked us. We weren't prepared for it at all! We were however able to take a lot of them with us before we all got killed. You think arenas are fun? You've seen nothing.

I could go on about how back then epic items felt and were EPIC, how the community was tighter, and how the world felt so alive but this would turn into a book. In a nutshell if you feel the same way as me and Mozq do about Pre-BC, sign this petition:

818 signatures so far and massive amounts of Pre-BC threads are being made on the retail forums. Maybe someday Blizzard will get the message. Honestly if Blizz does bring in Pre-BC servers I wont be quiting WoW to go to ToR. :P A man can dream.

ALSO! If you scroll down a bit you'll see a picture called "" If you want to discuss Pre-BC stuff. There's your cup of tea. :3


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