Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thanks to X-cross Productions, me and Mozq have both had our eyes directed towards the big league. You all may know it as Blizzcon. ;)

We've both reviewed the rules on the site and we have decided we will both be submitting videos to the machinima contest at Blizzcon this year. Blizzcon will be held in August so we have lots of time to plan out what we want to do.

My plan is to enter the Drama or Action category while Mozq enters the Comedy.

Wish us luck and I promise we wont dissappoint. ;)


Little Update on Aftermath (aka the sequel to Revenge):

I'm now working with not only Matt Greenburg (aka Thrall from Tales of the Past 3) but also Bryan Cox. You can find Bryan's profile at:


After hearing a sample from both actors I must say that I'm very impressed and I'm going to ensure this project is done as perfect as possible. I may also put my own voice into the mix but lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we?

The Contest:

Okay so appearantly I perked an ear or two when I said "contest" and "becoming a member of Silverlined Productions." I'll reveal a bit more now.

The contest will be about getting some new ideas onto the screen. That's all I'm going to say.


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  1. hey guys. soysoz here from dxg. happy to help with any photoshopping you might need. i could make a banner or whatever you need. hit me up on dxg if you want some help

    peace ;)