Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Urgent Notice!

"Ever since the incident at Icecrown all has gone to hell... We've been picking up the dead since morning and there is still many more to be found amongst the ice. Dreadful sight it is... To see so many lost in a single day..."




Ever since Icecrown was attacked by Nixxiom and his army of undead the entire world has been thrown into disarray. By unknown means Nixxiom was able to retreat from Icecrown after his fight with the Lich King to avoid the chaos he had unleashed. It is still unknown what happened between the two atop Icecrown Citedal. On thing is for sure though... Nixxiom is nowhere to be found. Reports say he has dawned a new wardrobe to avoid capture by the Scourge. All are asked to keep a sharp eye for the Death Knight. He is wanted dead or alive with a reward for capture set at ten thousand gold.

His previous look:

New look:

Our troops are already being sent into the nearby mountains to scout for the traitor. He will be found soon and brought to justice for the people he killed! I promise you!

Be faithful and the light guide us through this darknening time.

-Varian Wrynn-
King of Stormwind

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