Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update on RPG

Hey guys! As you know from 2 or so posts ago I'm currently working on a project called "RPG," and I gotta say that it's coming together nicely. Only thing I'm waiting on is the lines for Nixx and bam! I have everything I need and production will increase even faster (depending on school). In my ROTC program I'm being tasked with a lot of videos I have to do for school so keep in mind that that's why RPG may take a little while to do. But trust me. It's coming.

While I wait for Nixx's lines though I've been working on the scenes that don't require his voice at all. Such as the intro, some fight stuff, ect. Now since Mozq decided to post two preview shots from his video I decided to do the same.



Now that I've actually gotten into the editing of the video I can say that overall the video itself is going to be a lot longer then what I initially expected. I'm estimating this may end up being a 6-8 minute long video or so. Can't tell just yet though.

In the next few weeks I'll make another update about the project but in the mean time I have to work on a few videos for school.


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