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While Mozq plans and starts working on his video I've started planning and creating some stuff of my own. Originally I was going to release "Ruined Moments" first but I've decided that instead I'll be releasing a series I've been planning for the past couple days now called "RPG." Role Playing Game. So far I've already got half the script done and have gotten the recordings up to the point I've gotten to. Tomorrow I plan to begin filming and putting the video together.

RPG is basically exactly what it sounds. A RPG. You'll be able to witness firsthand some of the crazy situations most RPG players encounter during a game. If you've never played a tabletop RPG though then I feel sorry for you. So much fun.

The characters for the video are:
-Nixxiom (The Game Master)
-Abinoss (plays as Mok'Zin the troll priest)
-Calathor (plays as Zikk the undead mage)
-Remius (plays as Godrik the orc warrior)

RPG has no estimated arrival date yet since I'm starting the filming tomorrow but I assure you that I wont dissappoint. RPG is a serious project that I'll be putting a lot of my time into since it will be my first video for I'm estimating it to be around 5-8 minutes long in length. Keep your eyes open for updates.

Also, once RPG is finished you can expect the first part of Ruined Moments to be out if that tweaked your interest. I just want to get the larger project out of the way first. ;)

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