Monday, February 16, 2009


Hello world!
Welcome to Silverlined Productions official blog page!

As you can see we have the blog up and running, so hurray to that. We are hoping to possibly getting a website soon, but only if we get popular enough that people would register.

Here on our blog we will post about upcoming/released machinimas from Silverlined Productions.

And while we're on the topic, our newest video, Keep Browsing 2 should be out this week(hopefully). It is being produced by Silverlined Production's newest member Mozq, so we are all looking forward to it.

" I've seen a clip or two from it myself and it looks extremely promising. Can't wait to read the comments once it's released."

If you have not seen the first Keep Browsing yet, here's the link.


Revenge (Act 2) is in the making as well by Nixxiom. He has already finished the first part of sixteen in the video so don't expect it out anytime soon. In the mean time Nixx is thinking of releasing some mini-projects first before releasing the second part of Revenge. A screenshot from Revenge (Act 2) is posted below:

We has also found our own music director that will be making custom music for us to use in our machinimas. Everyone is excited about the kind of potential that will open up for us.

We will try and update the blog atleast once a week. Keep an eye on it!

-Nixx and Mozq-

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