Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Ideas

As you all know Revenge (Act 2) has been my main focus for the past few weeks. However, I have now put the project on hold. I'll still be finishing up the script, but the recordings and editing has stopped. At the moment however I have been looking into some new projects that I'm considering doing.

-One is "Lord Torotu," a comedic series about an evil mastermind bent on world domination by any means necessary along with his squirrel sidekick, Nuts. I pretty much have the layout for the first episode done in my head but I'm just debating whether I want to create the series or leave it as an idea for the future.

-Another idea I have is a video featuring Arthas summoning Mustakrakish along with the song to go with the video in the background.

Video would only be the first part of the song so this would be a mini project that could be easily be completed in one to two days.


I have quite a few ideas along with those two but I don't want to reveal them all. You could say I'm kinda in a machinima making slump at the moment while eagerly awaiting Mozq's video Keep Browsing 2. He said he may have it done by this weekend so that's something you all can look forward to. I've seen the first minute and a half of it and was really impressed.
Other then all that I'm still dealing with alot of school work at the moment that has added even more weight to this writters block. Oh well. You can expect to hear back from me soon saying that I've started production on something.


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