Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lord Torotu So Far

So far Lord Torotu is looking extremely well. I've done a little bit of work on it today in finishing the first act of the video but there's still much to do that I will be working on tonight.

However, I've decided to change up the outline of what Lord Torotu is going to be like. At first I said it would be a comedic series about an evil genius who is trying to take over the world. Now I've changed up the story to have more detail to it. Lord Torotu is an evil mastermind who wants to take over the world along with his squirel sidekick Nuts. Only problem is all his ideas are way to insane to be completed.

Ex: Trying to plan a bomb in the center of the earth to blow it up. No that's not what actually is going to happen in the video lol

Lord Torotu still acts on these far-fetched ideas though, and as soon as he begins to get close to achieveing his goal he is stopped and defeated in the most outragous ways imaginable. It's kinda like those moments when you have a good idea but your stopped by something totally unexpected. Here are two screenshots from the first act of the video.



I'm only just finishing the first act of the video so it's nowhere near being done and I can't give a release date yet. I'll work quick and effectivly depending on school and set a release date in due time.


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