Friday, February 26, 2010



Hey everyone.  I know we havent made a post in awhile but me and Mozq have both been busy busy busy with stuff.  Before I say anything for some reason my keyboard is acting weird and some keys are refusing to work on this website.  So excuse the fact that my grammar wont be ultra perfect in this post.  So anyway, back to the top at hand:  UStream.

UStream is a site where individuals are able to broadcast themselves via webcam for free while having the joy of having users enjoy their company and talk to the person broadcasting via a nice little chat box beside the video.  It's pretty nice and enjoyable.  The point is that I (Nixxiom) am going to be holding UStream sessions every other night while I work on my video RPG.  Why?  Well because it's better to talk to people then sit there alone and bored editing.  So if you're interested in talking to me, have a question for me, or just want to see where the magic happens then feel free to watch at:

I'll most likely get online tonight at around 7 US Eastern Time and I might be at a friends house so you all will get to meet some of the people that will be acting in RPG and you can ask them questions as well about what to expect.

I'll be getting online almost every night around 7 even if I'm not doing anything.  Just because it's fun to talk.

See ya there hopefully and excuse any lag that the site might give you.  I know that last night there was a big delay for me, Mozq, and a few others.  My voice came through crystal clear though so that's good. :3


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